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About Biomedical Modeling, Inc.

Biomedical Modeling, Inc. (BMI) is an entrepreneurial company based in Boston, MA that began as a semi-finalist business venture in the 1998 MIT 50K Competition.

We specialize in the production of physical and virtual models that replicate patient-specific anatomies from CT or MRI scan data for various medical, dental, and engineering applications. BMI has been a SolidWorks Solutions Partner since 2005 for our BioCAD product, which makes anatomical data accessible in a NURBS, CAD-compatible format.

In addition to our Biomodels and BioCAD products, we offer anatomical engineering services and look forward to helping you find solutions for your individual project needs.

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Photo of Crispin B. Weinberg, President of Biomedical Modeling, Inc., holding a biomodel.
Crispin B. Weinberg, President of
Biomedical Modeling, Inc.

Notable Cases

Here are some notable cases in the press that feature our work. Click the images or captions below for more information.

Full color 3D printed model of head, neck, and brain.

Biomodels featured in Full-Color 3D Printer Launch

Stratasys Ltd.'s launch of the J750 polyjet printer featured some of our models including illustrative models of head, hand, and heart anatomy. The models employ multiple materials and wide range of colors.
3D printed model assembly of liver with tumor and blood vessels.

Biomodels for Improving Surgical Education and Clinical Practice

BMI worked with Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to explore the use of biomodels as tools for studying pathological anatomy, communication, planning, and decision making in a surgical setting.

Partial profile view of Matthew Day Jackson's 'Blockman' sculpture.

Blockman: A Work of Modern Anatomical Art

BMI contributed to the production of Matthew Day Jackson's Blockman, a modern sculpture that features a tessellated version of the human skeleton.

Mandibular biomodel featured in dental journal.

Biomodels in 'Inside Dentistry'

The dental journal Inside Dentistry featured an article discussing the use of our models for visualizing, planning, and placing dental implants.
Facial reconstruction rendering of King Tutenkhamen.

King Tut Revealed

Using 1,700 CT images of King Tutankhamen's skull, BMI produced a digital reconstruction of the ancient pharaoh's face.
Separated conjoined twins Maria Teresa and Maria de Jesus Quiej Alvarez.

Conjoined Twins Separation

BMI undertook a most unusual and exciting case - the separation of conjoined twins from Guatemala, Maria Teresa and Maria de Jesus Quiej Alvarez.

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Customer Feedback

Medical models have reduced our operating room time by their accurate prediction of bony anatomy and defects of bone so that there are no surprises during surgery. Anticipation of the defect size and contours have allowed us to harvest the correct bone graft size and shapes and pre-bend reconstruction plates.

      Robert E. Marx, DDS | Chief, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | University of Miami School of Medicine

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