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Applications in Biomedical Engineering

Biomodels and virtual BIOCAD models have been used to replicate pathological anatomy for applications in scientific research and medical device development.

Our physical biomodels provide real-world interface for procedural simulation and testing. For example, cardiovascular models have been produced to exhibit patient anatomy with various degrees of tortuosity.

Models containing multiple materials and or components can be produced to depict additional information such as calcifications along artery walls, clots, or relationships between vessels or organs that fit into a model assembly.

Image showing multiple-material Biomodel assembly of aortic aneurysm, showing clot & calcifications.
Model assembly of aortic aneurysm showing thrombus and calcifications.


Our BioCAD models are three dimensional NURBS models that are compatible with standard CAD formats. These models can be used for collecting measurements and executing computer simulated analysis to improve medical device designs.

BioCAD output files may also be used for the production of physical models via additive manufacturing or machining in the case of models with simpler geometries.

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We are a SOLIDWORKS™ Solution Partner for our BioCAD product and services.

Engineering Services

We also offer our engineering services for modifying anatomical models to fit into testing assemblies. Such modifications have ranged from the addition of hose barbs, ports, and flanges on vascular models to the design of model assemblies with specified cross sections or access windows.

Please see our products and services page for more information about our models and BioCAD output format options.

CAD parasolid model of tongue and soft tissue gingiva.
CAD-compatible NURBS model of tongue and gingiva.

Rendering of modified anatomy of nasal canal, airways, and sinuses.
3D drawing showing sinus model

Rendering of modified anatomy of aorta and femoral arteries for biomedical device research and testing.
3D drawing of vasculature with
designed mechanical fittings.

Photo of BMI's SOLIDWORKS Solution Award.
BMI is recognized as a SOLIDWORKS Solutions Partner for our BioCAD models.